From the Model’s Perspective

Long story short: I found the stop motion Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on Youtube for my little boy to watch, we snuggled for a while, it was wonderful. Then I started looking for other stop motion videos and stumbled on this one. I love the humor between the artist and the wooden model.

New Things in the Studio

New Studio EaselFor about 8 years I’ve used a French easel in my studio on a regular basis. It was a very handy gift that my parents gave me for graduating with my BS in art. It proved very helpful during grad school, and I remember many all nighters in the dorm room being made possible by my faithful fold up easel.

I knew that having the easel out all the time wasn’t necessarily what it was made for. It has accompanied me on many ventures outside the studio, and stood faithfully waiting each day for my next painting to be worked on. The more I worked in my studio I knew that soon I wanted and did in fact need a real studio easel. The space used up by the French easel’s tripod set up was beginning to make things a little difficult in the studio. So one day with the promise of a commission, (which has yet to materialize) I decided that it was time to order one.

So here you have a look at my first day using my easel. I’m sure it will take time for us to get acquainted, but it was very nice to have more room in the studio today. Off to a great start!