The Caretaker’s Empty Nest {Fictionette}

The Caretaker's Empty Nest ©Rebecca Finch

The Caretaker’s Empty Nest {9×12 oil, $575} ©Rebecca Finch

While painting this still life, I became quite emotional and nostalgic as I experienced a small form of empty nest, myself. My little baby had just started Kindergarten and was also taking the bus for the first time. I must say that every time that bus pulls away, my heart aches. So this painting took on that bittersweet tone and a story developed as its backdrop that might just give you the warm fuzzies. 

The Caretaker’s Empty Nest
by Rebecca Finch

The Caretaker's Empty Nest

He laid the nest gingerly on the weathered table. It was a mesmerizing swirl of twigs, string, hair and feathers. He tried to recall how long it had been since the two birds had moved into the foliage beside his shed. He’d occasionally unlocked the old gate to peek in on their house project as they came and went, gathering supplies. The dense bush there provided visual protection, however he still managed to see down through their wooded skylight to watch every preparation.

It was only a few weeks later the silence was continually broken with intense chirping as mother and father bird made countless trips to feed their babies. Through the night, and on through the day, they took shifts. Then the feathers grew in and the chirp pitches lowered. Their first falls and first successful flights. He’d been there to see it all – cheering quietly, indulging his curiosity, stifling a gasp here and a chuckle there. Each stage rekindled memories of the growing and changing of his own children, years ago.
theCaretakersEmptyNest RebeccaFinch-7

Seeing more than just a bird’s nest, he gathered the feathers that had fallen to the floor of his old cabin. They were like old toys left behind by now grown children; representations of a life stage now past. He would keep the nest as a mother keeps a family scrapbook.

But now he needed something to fill the space that watching over this tiny family had filled over the last two months. There was an emptiness, like a house, oddly still during the first day of school. The void brought his thoughts full circle and before he knew it, he was on the phone talking to his daughter. With children of her own chattering away and filling days with memories to be stored for her own twilight years, father and daughter reconnected.

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Unlocking Old Secrets II {Painting Progression}

"Unlocking Old Secrets II" {8x8 $495} © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets II” {8×8 $495} © Rebecca Finch

While I’m working on the website facelift, it leaves less time for blogging, so this one will be shorter than normal. BUT I’m super excited about the new website look and I can’t wait to launch it!

Here’s a look at a different painting in the Unlocking Old Secrets collection. You can see the progression for painting III here.  If you didn’t catch the short story written just for these paintings, you can read the Fictionette here.

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Unlocking Old Secrets {fictionette}

"Unlocking Old Secrets I" © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets III”   {6×6 • $295}   ©Rebecca Finch

Unlocking Old Secrets
by Rebecca Finch

It was older than the others and perhaps curiosity lured the girl to speculate what use it had to the deceased authoress.

She turned to the estate manager. Glancing over his glasses he mumbled, “Yes, take it. I have no need of that key. I don’t know why she kept it, it’s been tangled in her jewelry all these years…” His voice drifted out of notice while she freed the smallest key from its entrapment of cheap gold chains and smoothed it’s cold iron between her fingers.

What secrets had this miniscule key held back from all the world? 

Next to an unremarkable glass collection, her eyes rested on the madam’s final book, a memoir. What secrets, indeed?

“I’ll take that book, too.” Surprised at her own assertiveness she handed him two coins, gathered her treasures and let the door shut behind her before his “good day, Miss” could echo through the house. Stopping just outside the door, she checked her pockets and confirmed the presence of three coins ensuring a meager dinner for the family as Mother had instructed.

Had she known how the memoir and key could work together to reshape her life, she would have emptied her pockets, plundered the jar of coins hidden beneath the kitchen floorboards and yielded her last crumb of bread in exchange for them.

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"Unlocking Old Secrets II" © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets II”   (8×8 • $495}   ©Rebecca Finch

Unlocking Old Secrets-1

“Unlocking Old Secrets I”   {12×12 • $650}   @Rebecca Finch

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