I Was Feeling Adventurous {New Paintings}

I thought I’d share what’s been going on in the studio lately. I feel like I’ve been so busy painting and doing other artsy things that I haven’t had much time to document anything. So I apologize about the ghost town over here. If you’re ever wondering what in the world I’m up to, hop over to my Instagram page because I’m always posting over there.

I have three new paintings this fall, and each of them are quite different:

Portrait of Autumn studio shots Rebecca Finch-4

“Portrait of Autumn” {12×24 oil, $950}

Portrait of Autumn takes a turn toward more vibrant color and deeper darks than my more recent paintings have gone. I was inspired by this textured and aged table as the backdrop for a fall themed painting. It was truly an enjoyable painting to complete. Of course I had to get my new obsession in – feathers – and pair them up with my pears and sticks.

Dark Flight Rebecca Finch-4

“Dark Flight” {8×8 oil, $495}

Next is by far the most unique piece I’ve ever painted – Dark Flight. I have been enjoying the work of Michael Klein lately, and decided that I had to try a dark painting. Well, I really enjoyed finding different colors of black for the background -veering into browns and then blues with the scratchy background was especially fun. I brought some softness in with the… yeah, the feathers, again (you can plan the intervention now cause I have no intentions of ceasing to paint or collect feathers).

Keys to My Heart Rebecca Finch wm

“Keys to My Heart” {5×7 oil, $190}

The last and definitely the smallest, is my itty bitty key painting. Oh, yes, the skeleton keys that I can’t get enough of and I decided to make them the focus in Keys to My Heart. It’s the first in a series of suspended keys with varying themes of unlocking positive emotions and freedom from negative thoughts. It’s all still brewing in my mind. This painting is now available until January at the Arnot Art Museum along with 8 other paintings. Stop by to see the Holiday Art Market featuring a handful of our local artists.

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Coming Soon: New Work and a New Look

Scroll down to see a list of exciting things coming your way.
Museum selfie with NC Wyeth at the Rockwell Museum.

Museum selfie with NC Wyeth at the Rockwell Museum.

Spending the week at the Rockwell Museum during my son's spring break.

Spending the week at the Rockwell Museum during my son’s spring break.

I apologize for the quiet blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram lately.

My life has been redirected for a short time with: spring break with my sweet 4-year-old boy, followed by that same sweet boy coming down with an ear infection, a visit to see great-grandparents, a graphic design deadline, my 11th anniversary celebrations, a bridal shower for my sis-in-law and the rest of my time was sprinkled here and there with what my ENT (ear, nose throat Dr.) believes to be Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s allows me to “enjoy” Disney’s Mad Tea Party ride. On a boat. In choppy water. All while sitting perfectly still on my living room couch.

Spending time with Great-Grandparents.

Spending time with Great-Grandparents.

But, let’s move onto much more fun things…my hope is to be painting again later this week – and that means more images on Instagram for you!

What I really want to tell you about is that I’ve also been working on a redesign of my website. It started as simply adding some new paintings to the site and ended with me researching 2015 web design trends and putting them into use. I’m giving mywebself a new ‘do. Freshened up colors (but I can’t quite let go of the dusty aqua, yet), a logo, more social website interactions and updated images.

If you have any feedback on what you want to see more of, let me know! I want to create a website you want to keep visiting.

Thank you for your patience and continued visits!

Look for these new additions coming soon:
• A new website design to launch by the end of April.
• New work will be hitting the blog this week
• A Fictionette debut: My first work of fiction to accompany a collection of paintings
• A gallery of images showing the progression of some new paintings from start to finish.

So be sure to “follow” the blog to catch everything.