In Love with Leighton

…Edmond Leighton’s art, that is.

Edmond Blair Leighton


You’ve probably seen his work, but don’t know his name. Meet Edmond Leighton. If romance came in a tube, Leighton surely found a supplier. Most of his paintings are immensely gorgeous and tell a story in a gaze, a leaning, a setting. Take God Speed for instance. Of this painting, Kara Ross states:

“…the sense of immediate peril which threatens the subjects contentment almost define
our modern day conception of Medieval legend and romantic sentiment.”

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I chose to paint God Speed as my senior master copy – the look in their eyes that expressed all that was in their hearts in an instant….or maaaaybe it was her red shoes peeking out from under her flowing dress that sealed the decision.

Take a look at The Elopement.  I love how she’s looking back. Perhaps taking in all that she’s leaving behind…or perhaps she’s having second thoughts? Tristan and Isolde makes it clear that I need a refresher on the story. Can anyone enlighten me on this scene?

If you Google a tasting of his work, you won’t be disappointed with the scenes of love, commitment, courage and abundant beauty.

Drink them in…