Wedding Vows {Painting Progression}

Join me as I share the progression of Wedding Vows below.
Read about the objects and symbolism for Wedding Vows in this post.
WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-16

Wedding Vows {12×24 oil $875}

Wedding Vows seemed to take forever to paint as higher priorities, trips, and illness kept me at a crawling pace toward the finish line. This is always very difficult for me. I start to feel like the painting isn’t one cohesive unit, but is instead a disjointed puzzle with pieces that don’t quite fit together. Sometimes when a week or two has passed, I find that I even see the colors differently which can be very evident in my normal white cloth which everything is sitting on. One week I’ll see the shadows cooler than the next week.

Many flowers, limes, lemons and pears were sacrificed in the studio. So, I struggled. But in the end, it worked well and it’s now hanging in West End Gallery, just waiting for her new home.
Enjoy below the progression for Wedding Vows. Click on any image to enter a slideshow.


Wedding Plans {Painting Progression}

Rebecca Finch Wedding PlansPresenting, my latest painting,
Wedding Plans {10×10 oil $575}

• See a detailed view of “Wedding Plans” on the website’s Painting page.

Read the “Wedding Plans” Fictionette here if you haven’t yet. {Fictionette: a short story written by Rebecca to accompany a painting}

Enjoy an image gallery below showing the progression of Wedding Plans from beginning to end.

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Unlocking Old Secrets II {Painting Progression}

"Unlocking Old Secrets II" {8x8 $495} © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets II” {8×8 $495} © Rebecca Finch

While I’m working on the website facelift, it leaves less time for blogging, so this one will be shorter than normal. BUT I’m super excited about the new website look and I can’t wait to launch it!

Here’s a look at a different painting in the Unlocking Old Secrets collection. You can see the progression for painting III here.  If you didn’t catch the short story written just for these paintings, you can read the Fictionette here.

Enjoy a short slideshow and some explanations in the comments. Look for this painting to be available at West End Gallery’s Opening reception on May 1st.

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Unlocking Old Secrets III {Painting Progression}

Transparency and Contrast I on easel

Unlocking Old Secrets III is the smallest in a series of three paintings which I will use similar objects to create a unified look among them. It’s also the first grouping of paintings to be released with a “fictionette”. Enjoy a bit of fiction that fills in some background for the objects {here}.

One thing I love to do is show the step by step progression of a painting. One day, I plan on filming some time lapse videos, while I paint, but until that day, this is what I can do for you. Enjoy a little slideshow and some explanations in the comments. Look for this painting to be available at West End Gallery’s Opening reception on May 1st.

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Silver and Oranges {A Closer Look}

The Painting:

It seems that I have a hard time setting up a still life without adding something reflective. I’m like a raccoon hoarding my little growing collection of shiny still life objects. Silver and Oranges, completed in January, is no different. Perhaps it will become one of my staples. Continue reading to learn about the pitcher, a painting technique reveal and a gallery of the painting’s progression from beginning to end.
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Daniel Keys Painting Demonstration

Have you been interested in seeing the process of painting? Art enthusiasts and artists, this is the 1st video in a series of 6 showing Daniel Keys pulling a painting to an end. Enjoy for curiosity’s sake. Drink in for instructional means.

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Wine of Release

Wine of Release ©Rebecca Finch

Wine of Release ©Rebecca Finch

There have been days where I was too upset to paint. I would go in, put music on, don my hat, get my tools ready – all with a heavy heart. Only 30 minutes into painting I couldn’t see because of my tears and I felt I couldn’t breathe because of the weight of all I had experienced. (Ever been in so much emotional pain, you can actually feel physical pain? Yeah, been there these last 2 weeks.)

I was making such a mess of things because seeing and thinking properly cannot be done while upset. So I had to leave the painting and still life alone for a few days. I had more important things to do than to play with paint anyway, although my husband wants me to keep working because he knows painting this series will also help me to process everything.

But now I am back at it. Things are looking up for now, my heart is beginning to heal and it seems that my painting skills have returned after not having painted in so long. I’m really looking forward to my next painting session so I can play with those roses.