How I Soften Edges (Video) {Day 16}

Howdy, folks. I am back in the studio and moving slower than ever. BUT, I have a video for you. A few days ago I was asked to share how I soften my edges. So I was in the middle of a painting at that perfect moment when I could show how I do this, so I decided to put a little video together. Enjoy!

Click the image to go to YouTube….
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.20.51 PM

Mosaic Exhibit & Purchasing Information

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 1.45.01 PM

I’ve had lots of people ask me, “How can I get one of these paintings?!?!” Here you go!

Click here, if you need to know this instant.

This information is for people who can attend the shows.
HOWEVER if you live out of state, please stay tuned as 171 is working on a way for you to also purchase paintings. So you still may want to see and understand how this show is going to work.

img_7019To sum up
The show is up from July 20th – July 23rd only. 4 days. That’s it.
45 days of blood, sweat and tears reduced to 4 days of celebration. 

This is a fundraiser and my paintings will be sold at an unusually low price. All artists will be selling their 6×6 artwork unframed except for the 50th work.
Nights 1 & 2 are open for ticket holders only and only those present may purchase a painting (hold on out-of-state peeps – we are working on a solution for you!) There will be live music and dancing and all sorts of partying at these two showings. Tickets are LIMITED, however! Act now if you want in. See this link to find out how you can get in.

Nights 3 & 4 are open to the public.

The Catch: When a painting is purchased, the buyer takes it home that night. So if you wait until day 3 & 4 you will see a portion of the show. It might look like the gallery was ransacked! (gasp).

Click here to go to 171’s website for all the juicy details, ticket pricing etc.!! 

What day is it, again? { Day 14 }

Oh dear, I’m SO sorry for the stretch of days between blog posts. Weekends may be too busy to blog. And then I was recovering yesterday. Lately my thoughts have been:

Paint, paint, paint. When can I sleep next? Can I clean while I sleep? When am I going to have time to cook and clear the clutter? In July. That’s when.

Okay, let me quickly give you an update.

I have discovered a good system with work and sleep, this new system lasts successfully for 3 days until I crash and is as follows:

• Go to bed early (as much before 9pm as possible.)
• Get up at 4:30a and paint until my little one wakes up around 6:30a.
• Get him ready for school.
• Get him to school.
• Do necessary things like reading for a class, dishes, straightening (yeah, right).
• Then paint some more. Eat if I get lightheaded.
• By 1:30, assess if I can keep painting or if I must go to the store for things like milk, etc.
• Then I clock out as artist, and clock in as Mommy around 2:30p.
• Mommy until 7 or 8.
• Paint until 8:30 or 9.
• Shower and sleep til 4:30 again.

This worked beautifully for 3 days. I wasn’t even tired until 8 in the evening, and by the time normal people were getting out of bed in the morning, I had made significant progress which sent all sorts of positive energy my way, which helped me get through the rest of my day.

But, yesterday I crashed. Thought I was getting sick, killer headache, etc. I blame it on the fact that I didn’t get to bed as early as I was supposed to.

I have taken today off to blog and clean and get refreshed doing different things with my brain because I was simply burnt out on painting. So, this system worked and I now know the effects of not keeping to the self imposed rules of getting enough sleep. I will start another round tomorrow and see how long I last.

Since I blogged last, I painted four paintings. If you NEED daily updates, I am constantly posting to Instagram. Please go there to feed any of your update needs.

Click on an image to see the full caption and explanation. Enjoy!!! And keep following. I can’t tell you what all the comments on Instagram have been for me – huge encouragement! Thank you!

Time Lapse: “Acceptance” {Day10}

I’ve been working on this video during my breaks, and it’s FINALLY here!! Most of my time was spent trying to find the right music to use that I could legally use, was hopefully free, AND that I liked. Super tall order. I found a track I really liked and also got a softer version and was able to put the two together.

Well, here you go – about an hour and a half compressed into 6 minutes. Time flies.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.45.05 PM


Healed & Purpose – Paintings 7&8 {Day 9}

Things are clipping along. Tonight, I plan on painting one more and when I do, I will be ON TRACK!!!! That feels so good. But, I’m learning that two very late nights (i.e. early mornings) in a row is counter productive. So we’ll see what the evening holds. The balance of getting as much done as possible without burning out is the tightrope I’m learning to walk.

I have been asked if these paintings will be available for purchase and YES is the answer to that question. I will be sharing the details for how that will work soon. So, keep watching. And if you’re concerned you’ll miss it, subscribe to my newsletter  Look for an respond to the confirmation email after you sign up – super important.

Okay, so here were yesterday’s paintings.


“Healed” •  6×6 oil




“Purpose” • 6×6 oil

I’m not sure if I can adequately express how much all of the feedback here, on Instagram and Facebook have helped. Thank you for all of the encouragement and kind words and for following along. This is getting exciting and it’s because you’re along for the journey.


So, this was yesterday.. {Day 8}

I got a notification that my Ampersand boards were on the truck out for delivery. So I decided not to go to the store and purchase boards there at double the price, again. I used the day for blogging and other needed things around the house, and then my dog alerted me that the big scary FedEx truck was here. And further alerted me the big scary FedEx man (who, no doubt, had plans to kill us all) was walking up to the door with a box, (which was obviously a bomb). I’m so thankful I have my dog to warn me of all the dangers that are lurking in our neighborhood.

I’m so very happy to be painting on my boards. I have learned, there is no substitute for my Ampersand Gessobords. ❤

I painted, and struggled with the painting of the painting.

I somehow managed to finish Zoe’s little haircut.

And I discovered that the birdhouse I precariously placed on our deck – where I walk, and where Zoe runs by daily was surprisingly hosting baby birds. I’ve been watching some Chickadees go in and out and thought they were building a nest. Turns out they were feeding their already hatched little ones. My son was so excited, and so am I.

Click on the images to see better and get the full experience of my narration.


Potential {Day 8}




Oh, boy, this painting was. a. struggle. I wiped it out and almost wiped it out a second time, but then, finally, it started to show….potential.


These lilies, when they do open up are yuuge! They are getting ready – you can see the colors change and the petals slowly open, but they’re not in full bloom, yet. However, when they are, look out for a grand show! There’s so much potential in these unopened petals. It’s coming but we just have to wait.