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Museum selfie with NC Wyeth at the Rockwell Museum.

Museum selfie with NC Wyeth at the Rockwell Museum.

Spending the week at the Rockwell Museum during my son's spring break.

Spending the week at the Rockwell Museum during my son’s spring break.

I apologize for the quiet blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram lately.

My life has been redirected for a short time with: spring break with my sweet 4-year-old boy, followed by that same sweet boy coming down with an ear infection, a visit to see great-grandparents, a graphic design deadline, my 11th anniversary celebrations, a bridal shower for my sis-in-law and the rest of my time was sprinkled here and there with what my ENT (ear, nose throat Dr.) believes to be Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s allows me to “enjoy” Disney’s Mad Tea Party ride. On a boat. In choppy water. All while sitting perfectly still on my living room couch.

Spending time with Great-Grandparents.

Spending time with Great-Grandparents.

But, let’s move onto much more fun things…my hope is to be painting again later this week – and that means more images on Instagram for you!

What I really want to tell you about is that I’ve also been working on a redesign of my website. It started as simply adding some new paintings to the site and ended with me researching 2015 web design trends and putting them into use. I’m giving mywebself a new ‘do. Freshened up colors (but I can’t quite let go of the dusty aqua, yet), a logo, more social website interactions and updated images.

If you have any feedback on what you want to see more of, let me know! I want to create a website you want to keep visiting.

Thank you for your patience and continued visits!

Look for these new additions coming soon:
• A new website design to launch by the end of April.
• New work will be hitting the blog this week
• A Fictionette debut: My first work of fiction to accompany a collection of paintings
• A gallery of images showing the progression of some new paintings from start to finish.

So be sure to “follow” the blog to catch everything. 

So, Now I’m on Pinterest…

Rebeccafinch is on PinterestAfter probably a year of denying the attraction and not wanting to succumb to another Facebook-like black hole of time, I decided that I needed to get with it and get myself on Pinterest.

Now don’t let me be alone over there in Pinterestland.

I am adding new content each day so be patient as the pins grow. You’ll see more images of anything art related that I do, more behind the scenes studio images, bits from my blog, marketing help for artists…etc.

Coming Soon:

• Tips for displaying art in your home
• Images of almost every single painting I’ve completed (you can’t find some of these paintings anywhere)
• Book recommendations
• Art supply recommendations for my fellow artists.

And I have a few more ideas that may develop in 2016 for you all.

So, don’t leave me hanging. Follow! Like! Repin!

How Did I Get Here?

Find out how I came to enjoy art, who influences me, my favorite studio music and more on West End Talk’s blog.

West End Talk

While you’re there enjoy some art by an accomplished group of artists. You might discover a few new favorites.

Opening Reception at West End

This month, I will be exhibiting my paintings in a gallery in my first group show. I am honored and very excited to be one of West End Gallery’s represented artists. 

Christmas Past I ©Rebecca Finch

Christmas Past I ©Rebecca Finch


Opening Reception
November 18th
5:00pm – 7:30pm

Open to the public and available to see during gallery hours until December 31st.




Interested in the  show but need more information?
View my information page to see the paintings, Gallery address, reception times, and a map to help get you there.

Interested in the show but live too far away? 
View Rebecca’s paintings
Contact West End Gallery

West End Gallery

West End Gallery Corning, NY

Tragic Art – controversial healing for 9/11

The dilemma of expressive art on the still raw emotion of 9/11

I recently stumbled on an article entitled Terrible Beauty written just before the September 11th ten year anniversary, and even though it’s a little old, I’d still like to bring it here to this blog. The article visits the difficulty of presenting art, photography, and memorabilia to the public due to the wide array of reactions that may result. This is not a mere matter such as whether or not someone appreciated an artists’ work, it is however a potentially explosive subject because the event has so deeply devastated and changed Americans.

Unidentified Woman

Unidentified Woman ©Sarah Charlesworth 1980, created 21 years before 9/11, this piece is a prime example of art that can unintentionally be connected to 9/11 events.

In the article,   notes “For New York museums, it’s not clear whether creating content related to the anniversary of 9/11 is a responsibility, an opportunity, or an invitation to inevitable and unwanted controversy.” Some art can appear insensitive and have been removed from public display, for example, Eric Fischl’s Tumbling Woman was quickly excluded from the Rockefeller Center. In these cases, “priorities of patriotism, as well as the moral rights of victims and their families, trumped freedom of expression.”

The Museum of Modern Art in Long Island, NY currently has an entire floor devoted to September 11. The catch is that most of the installations were created before the September attacks, however they surprisingly bring on a connection to the attacks due to their unintentional, however iconic nature.

Francesc Torres, a professional photographer who documented the wreckage brought to a hangar at JFK,  grappled with concerns that his photography of 9/11 events would appear too much like art. His photographs can be found in the National Geographic book, Memory Remains.

“The chronicle in the official book of the 9/11 Memorial, A Place of Remembrance (National Geographic), shows, as if any more proof were needed, how sensitive, delicate, and fraught each object, image, and symbol of the attacks remains.”

A Place of Remembrance

As I read this article I am unsure that we will find the right answer for the public as a whole. It seems that we are teetering on a necessary tightrope of expression to heal and remember but there is always the danger of being offensive, insensitive, and exploitive.

Where is the balance? I believe it’s in the individual to either attend the exhibitions, memorials,  sift through the books if that is what will help them and stay away if it is offensive. Within reason and sensitivity, I believe that artistic expression is necessary especially if the artist themselves is honestly grieving and a journey through 9/11 art creation will genuinely be a healing experience for them. If this is the case, I’m not sure if the tragedy can be depicted in a hurtful offensive way.

Memory Remains The bottom line is, people are still grieving and as grief takes on many forms people are compelled to behave in different ways. What might help one person heal may also send another into a crippling tailspin of despair. We all need to be sensitive, without being too sensitive. Together, in the remembering, crying, and telling of their stories whatever form that may take, America will slowly begin to heal. I believe it has only begun.

Want more?

Visit the official 9/11 memorial website
Comment to share your opinion on this blog or my Facebook Page.

Living Out My Dreams. . .

celebrating four years of hard work
that will culminate during the November opening reception
at West End Gallery 

West End Gallery Corning, NY

West End Gallery on Market Street in Corning, NY

We moved to the finger lakes region during the summer of 2007 and almost immediately I found West End Gallery located on the dreamy quaint and bustling Market Street of Corning, New York. As I walked in, it was such a stunning space that I decided my dream was to one day have the honor of hanging my work there.



West End Gallery First Floor Exhibition Space

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