Summer Mosaic 2018

Coastal-49“Coastal” comes to Summer Mosaic 2018
It’s really crazy that it’s that time of year and also that I said yes to the insanity again! I know, I know… but it was a wonderful sort of panicky busy. Almost all the work is over for the opening and if you missed any of it, you can watch it unfold on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

No flowers, this year. I went to the shore for inspiration. I’m sort of drawn toward blue right now. Okay, that makes me sound sane. It’s more like I’m obsessed with blue and I can’t get enough of the color. That – deep indigo not as deep as navy, a little greenish, but not teal – shade of blue. I also like colors that are hard to describe, apparently.

So, in April I started painting my way through 50 shells, messages in bottles and beach arrangements with the backgrounds of color you’d find from the shore to the midnight zone. I must say that I’m not tired of these colors. Not one little bit.

Summer Mosaic opens THIS WEEK, so I thought you may like to see all the paintings and information about the show. It will work just like last year with one addition. This year the show is open for only viewing for three days before the show begins to be dismantled by sales. Monday thru Wednesday anyone can come in and enjoy over 30 artist’s labor to create 50 succinct artworks. It is quite an experience. Each artist’s set of works is unique yet they beautifully work as one unit.

My unit of paintings is entitled “Coastal” and features shells and other items in various color  palettes that work for any home color scheme.

You can see everything you need to know about Summer Mosaic here. View the paintings, get info on dates, sales, tickets, and links to view the journey to 50 paintings all at this little handy-dandy link! 

An Enchanted Painting Demonstration

In October, {yes, it’s taken me this long to post about it. sry.} I was invited to paint at my gallery during an evening called Urban Arts Corning. It’s an evening when many art venues are open late so that we can get our artsy on while enjoying live music, refreshments and live demonstrations such as painting.


I’m so blessed to have my art hanging in this gallery.

This is the second time I’ve painted at West End Gallery. The first time I let you be the boss  and choose the colors and objects. Well, this time I had about 5 days to prepare so I’m afraid I had to be in charge of the items, instead. But really, you did a great job choosing last time – it was a challenge for sure but a beautiful challenge.

This time, I wanted something in the red/pink coloring. So I chose my favorite silver pitcher – I’ve always had success painting her. I planned to get some deep red cherries, but alas, I discovered they were out of season and I couldn’t get them anywhere. After that little bump, I discovered stock in the most beautiful shade of pink. I’d never seen soft pink stock, before, so I decided that’s what it would be. Simple. My pitcher, stock and some ribbon.



“Enchanted Evening” 11×14 oil, $625   •  Available at West End Gallery

As you might imagine, painting in front of people while answering questions and chatting can be quite nerve-wracking. Because who wants to choke with ugly sauce in front of people? I do not want that! But the more I paint demonstrations, the easier it gets.

It was so nice getting to talk with everyone and answer questions about art and my process, so thank you for stopping by.

So next time, if you’re able to come to the gallery for a painting demo, please do. I’d love to meet you!









Painting Demonstration {you’re the boss}

This week, I will be painting at West End Gallery from 5pm-8pm Friday, February 26th. And YOU can tell me what you’d like me to paint this week.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.45.08 PMEach day on the Facebook event page and my InstagramI’ll post some items to choose from. Whatever item gets the most votes, will be in my still life on Friday evening. So, visit each day and vote!

Friday Evening:
Please join us all for an evening of artsy fun when several art venues will be open later in the evening for your viewing pleasure.

Visit the Facebook Event page for ALL of the details.
VOTE: on Facebook or Instagram