So, Now I’m on Pinterest…

Rebeccafinch is on PinterestAfter probably a year of denying the attraction and not wanting to succumb to another Facebook-like black hole of time, I decided that I needed to get with it and get myself on Pinterest.

Now don’t let me be alone over there in Pinterestland.

I am adding new content each day so be patient as the pins grow. You’ll see more images of anything art related that I do, more behind the scenes studio images, bits from my blog, marketing help for artists…etc.

Coming Soon:

• Tips for displaying art in your home
• Images of almost every single painting I’ve completed (you can’t find some of these paintings anywhere)
• Book recommendations
• Art supply recommendations for my fellow artists.

And I have a few more ideas that may develop in 2016 for you all.

So, don’t leave me hanging. Follow! Like! Repin!

Illustration of Whimsy

During a trip to the library, I discovered these little treasures illustrated in unusual and fantastic way.

• The Princess and the Pea   by Polly Borland
• Goldilocks and the Three Bears   by Polly Borland 

(There are affiliate links to Amazon in this post)

Illustrator Polly Borland has “captured”  two books in particular that I find so cute and appealing to me that I have to share. I admit – I have a thing for miniatures that I think originated with my dollhouse that my Dad made for me. I’ve never done anything with this little fetish, though. Perhaps that’s because I know that it would end up being a costly venture and that I could also just live vicariously by seeing the work of others and simply enjoy the fruits of their labors. For me, a look through The Princess and the Pea is like sipping a tart pink lemon aid that is just sweet enough. The wit and humor of the writing coupled with the modern twist on vintage design paired with dollhouse settings and drawn faces is such a treat. What a lovely and fun mix if bright colors, comfortable old fashioned. Goldilocks is illustrated differently and takes on a more sweet and innocent feel. Using a three dimensional doll, the lovely sets are set up in fresh colors. Yet the feel maintains some vintage form, which I love.

I hope you enjoy a look at these two books, they’re lovely. 


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