Mixed Emotions in the Studio…

This just about sums it up!


I have exactly 28 days to start and finish painting for this year’s Mosaic exhibit!!  Now, before you think I should be dragged off to the padded party room in a pretty straight jacket, let me explain. This year’s Mosaic exhibit is way different than the previous two years. One major plus for me is that instead of 50 paintings, I only have 10 paintings to complete. Whew!! That little switch right there was a deal maker for me. You see this year, unlike the last two years, I’m also juggling two part-time jobs. So 50 paintings being a struggle with no jobs other than my little art career was tough, but it would have been impossible this year. But alas, the blessed change! And here I am.

So, ten paintings are totally doable – if I don’t get sidetracked.

Yesterday I brought out all the things. All. The. Beautiful. Things.
These are all the actors hoping for a role in the upcoming Mosaic show that I’ve entitled “Destined for Flight”. Yes, bird related objects. I decided that I was allowed to paint what I wanted to paint and this was it. So we’re doing all my favorite objects with my current color obsessions.

So I’ll be dragging you along with me into my happy painting place!

I give you, my pretties:

And you may be asking, Rebecca, is there anything else going on? And I’ll be saying YESSS! Yes, there is. Let me tell you about it!

This Friday evening I’m doing our very first private livestream for my dearest subscribers. I. can. not. wait.

I will be painting this little number here – the sweet antique translucent bottle with the note inside. {I’ll let you decide what the note actually says.}

This in attendance will get tell me what background they want to see her painted in front of.

Would you like to join us? You’ll be able to watch me paint online and I’ll be able to hear you ask questions and we can see each other on the video conferencing program! Have I said I can’t wait, yet? I can’t wait.

• Click here for more information and to subscribe for these Livestream Painting Sessions. The more the merrier!

Stay tuned for some painting action in the next week or so – it’s going to get super busy in here.


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