Four Puzzles! [the results are in]

Last week I revealed that puzzles are now available for Christmas this year and you voted on the second puzzle image on Facebook and Instagram. Well, the results were so close that I decided to create puzzles from the top three paintings. So, now there are four puzzles to choose from!!!

Certain Hope Puzzle small blockCoastal Puzzle small blockLavish Puzzle small block




Flourish Puzzle small block


***It’s super important that you order your puzzles by October 25th. Why? Because the puzzles have the longest turnaround time of all my products: 5-6 weeks when they’re not in the Holiday season. I spoke with a rep yesterday and they are currently in their busy Holiday production time. In order to be sure you receive your puzzles by Christmas and that I have enough funds to place the order, I must sell 40 puzzles by October 25th. Unlike Calendars, I will not be able to make a 2nd order.

So, if you are certain you want a puzzle this year, order today!

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