Official Purchase & Viewing Info {Day 34}

Some of you have been waiting for this information for a while. I’m so excited to tell you  I have received the final word on how those of you watching from afar can make sure you get the paintings you have your little eye on.
Visit my website for all of the details, now.
View the current paintings to pick my flowers.


The Summer Mosaic group show is a four-day event at 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning, NY featuring 24 artists who have each created 50 small works of art. That’s a lot of artwork! There will be acrylic and oil paintings, ceramic, photography, jewelry and more.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 7.09.48 AM

img_7234.jpgPrivate Preview (Day 1)
The event begins July 20th at 5:30 with a private preview on the first evening. There will be live music and a special gift bag for the 1st 100 guests. Only those who have purchased a ticket may attend and purchase paintings, however, if you live too far away to attend, you can also buy a ticket to “attend” from afar. You can then also purchase paintings by following a few extra steps BEFORE July 19th. See my website for all of the details and links for purchasing tickets and securing your paintings with 171. Paintings that are purchased will be taken off the walls almost immediately, so if you want to see the entire show in tact, you’ll want to come this evening!!

Mosaic Bash (Day 2)
The 2nd evening is more of a party that starts at 7pm and goes later into the night with live music, dancing and gourmet refreshments. Tickets must also be purchased for this evening in order to attend and buy paintings.

New Moon Sale (Days 3&4)
On the 3rd and 4th day, (July 22nd & 23rd) the show is open to the public for anyone to come view and buy artwork during normal operating hours:
Saturday July 22nd • 9am-5pm
Sunday July 23rd • 12pm-5pm

Since purchased artwork will be taken home right away, it may look a little ransacked, but that’s the nature of this very interesting, art flying-off-the-walls, fundraiser.


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