A Little Desperate {Day 25}

I painted almost all day long. Got up at 4:30. But was unable to finish a painting until 1pm. I had hoped to have two down by then. Started another painting which I ended up wiping out two times before I said “uncle” and decided to wash my brushes and call it a day. If I’m to catch up to schedule I should paint 6 paintings before Monday morning. That ain’t happening. Not sure how to make this happen, but I’m so tired that nothing profitable is going to occur in the studio tonight.

I find myself having no idea how to set up the flowers for the next painting. No desire to paint any of them. I can’t visualize them painted (which is crucial). Just very empty right now.

Here’s the painting I did finish. #21. One painting in a whole lot of hours of work.
Maybe the painting fairy will get 6 done while I sleep.



3 rows completed. 4 more to go.

5 thoughts on “A Little Desperate {Day 25}

  1. Hang in there Rebecca! Praying you’ll get some new inspirations and confidence in your talent and some well deserved sleep!!


  2. I love this one, and I love how they all look together! They look effortless and spontaneous, but I know they are hard work. This is a mentally draining challenge! Life is about balance, and if you know it not happening it is better to put your mind to something else. I was at a point yesterday where I did not know what else to do, so I started laying out the panels in different patterns. That helped me see what else I could do. Ok, now back to painting 🙂


    • Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, it’s a hard call to make when I have time yet I feel so empty, choose to rest or do something different with my time when the deadline looms. But it’s true if I painted on some of those days it would not be productive. I’ll probably get the hang of it by the last day. Thank you!!


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