{Day 21}

So much has happened. It’s getting hard to keep up as you can see – my blogging has gotten less frequent. I find my self posting updates to Instagram because it’s so easy and fast to do. So please follow me on Instagram to see what is currently going on in the studio.


I tackled some more paintings over the weekend. One being of a Hydrangea poof (probably not the correct name). I’ve never painted Hydrangea before so it was a little intimidating – all those tiny flowers! Would it take 5 hours? Because I just can’t afford to paint that long on one of these guys. Relying on my basic painting techniques, I made sure they were in mind the whole time. Starting with large shapes of value, I worked from the general form of the “poof” to the pattern of highlights and lastly to bringing some individual flowers in focus. I am really enjoying adding filler and other foliage into the paintings. It adds some depth and interest, and it’s just plain fun to whip hints of leaves and twigs around in the background.

I also set up the camera and took a video of the entire painting, which I will hopefully soon post as a demonstration. I talked through the process and what I was doing and why.

Finding a schedule that works is one thing, but sticking to it and also being able to stick to it because normal life doesn’t stop is a completely different thing. There are two half days of school left. Now the real juggling begins. It’s difficult now, I think soon sleep deprivation may start being a factor in this little marathon. I am only halfway through the days, and not nearly halfway done with the paintings. But, I’ll not focus on that too much.

My dog, Zoe, might be getting tired of this too. If I’m working the computer, I feel her paw tug at me, I turn around and see the sweetest little eyes saying, Mommy, I need you. Oh dear! If it’s late at night and I’m still working, she’ll take one of her stuffed animals up to bed without me. Cutie pie.

• We are still waiting a final word on how out of state fans can purchase these paintings. Rest assured, you will be able to – we are just working out the details of how.

So this grouping takes you through the weekend. Enjoy.

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