A Day to Celebrate { Day 19 }

In addition to it being Father’s day, it is also my Mom’s birthday. My parents are amazing people and I love them so much. My parents have a saying that originated during my college days, “It’s never wrong to call.” So, basically – Call us! And not only that, but wake us up, interrupt us and we are for you.


My Parents with my son.

In fact, I probably wouldn’t be painting if it weren’t for my parents. I was a voice major and thought it would be a good idea to switch to art. I had a little bit of skill and the teachers said if I worked really hard, I could do well. I remember talking to my parents on the phone a few times about this possible change. It would put me behind a year since I was already a second semester Freshman. I would have an art major and a voice minor which meant since these were very time-consuming areas of study, I might not be able to also work and contribute to paying tuition. My Mom said, “Go for it!”

When it was a dream I had, they helped me navigate the difficulties but they also said, “yes!” I play the harp because when I was in high school I wanted to learn – and to help pay for that, my Mom went back into teaching. My parents sacrificed for me a great deal for me to reach my goals and dreams. (Now, like all good parents, they also said “no” quite a lot, but somehow they knew what all the healthy “no’s” and “yeses” should be.)

This past month, my Mom retired from teaching, having taught little kiddos for 32 years. My Dad worked as the business manager of the church I grew up in and spent countless hours pouring his love and energy into the church and school to be sure it ran the way it should. He is also fighting the battle against Cancer with optimism and getting his strength from God. To me, they are both courageous and generous.

So, today I celebrate my Mom and Dad.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!


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