Falling Behind Some {Day 18}

Friday, I had hoped to get two paintings finished but it just didn’t happen. However, I did finish one painting and I am thankful for that.

I really enjoyed the purples, lavendars and blues and I love the deep purple stock. What fun that was. Then Saturday morning, I got up before the little man did and blocked in a sunny painting featuring snapdragons and a yellow rose. He woke up and occupied himself willingly so I decided to keep painting and was able to finish!

As of this morning, I am behind by 7 paintings according by my schedule. BUT, the little man is a Grandma’s house, today, so if I do two more, I will be starting to catch up. And I tried setting a 2 hour timer for myself this morning, and it was quite successful. I finished before the timer went off! Now, if I can keep that momentum going, I’ll be in shape soon, and maybe even get ahead.

Click for larger images and informative captions.


2 thoughts on “Falling Behind Some {Day 18}

  1. Gorgeous! Absolutely stunning and you’re doing so well with your time…extra stars for that, you go girl!


    • Aw, thank you!!! It’s that nasty self-talk!! My friends and my Lord would not be talking to me the way that I talk to me. Thank you SO much for the encouragement.


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