Potential {Day 8}




Oh, boy, this painting was. a. struggle. I wiped it out and almost wiped it out a second time, but then, finally, it started to show….potential.


These lilies, when they do open up are yuuge! They are getting ready – you can see the colors change and the petals slowly open, but they’re not in full bloom, yet. However, when they are, look out for a grand show! There’s so much potential in these unopened petals. It’s coming but we just have to wait.




4 thoughts on “Potential {Day 8}

  1. Love it. Happy that you did not wipe it out. I love your dog already. He looks vicious, glad you got such a good pup to protect yourself from the delivery guy haha. By the way, you got me inspired to finally start my blog too!

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    • Yay! My poor blog had cobwebs all over it befor this project. It always seems like such a chore to write, but it really doesn’t need to be long or profound. Short and sweet works. Or short and snarky also works.


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