Observations {Day 7}

Some astute observations I have made recently:

I need a maid. I could post pictures of my house so you’ll feel better about yours.

I need to clone myself. I guess I can fold laundry while I sleep? Or let Zoe, our dog take care of the dishes – yeah, that might actually work. She’d LOVE that!

My dog is mis-shapen. I started cutting my dogs hair in stages so I could cut and observe (Yorkie/Schnauzer mix) , then cut some more and let her cute perky little haircut take shape. But I got busy and had to stop the other day. Yesterday I noticed that I trimmed all but one leg. Ugh. I guess I got distracted or gave her a break intending on getting back to it. I can’t seem to justify spending an hour more on cutting hair when this massive project looms. Poor, poor Zoe. And yet we proudly walk the neighborhood, and I just wonder how she feels about it all.

• I have awesome friends. See evidence photo below. On Sunday one of my friends gave me a bag and she said it was to “get me through”. And you’d better believe that I am digging into that back on all of my breaks! But I’m not so sure about that “Sharing Size” label on the peanut M&M’s. I mean, who needs that kind of pressure?


I am incredibly visual. This is how I HAD to make a schedule of paintings. I couldn’t just make a list, or put tic marks on the calendar. I had to cut 50 little squares that I could move around so I knew how many paintings I had to complete each day or week. Now, after it was settled, I did draw the corresponding number of circles on each day so I could…. color them in as I completed the paintings. I know. You don’t have to surprise me with an intervention. I just need the help. 



I’m committed: I took a shelf out of my refrigerator {and removed all science experiments} to make room for the flowers. img_6778


3 thoughts on “Observations {Day 7}

  1. I completely ignore the “Sharing size” label on the M&M package. Apparently someone who can stop at 5 designed that package. As for the flowers in the frig…….they look lovely in there.

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