Acceptance {Day 7}


“Acceptance” 6×6 oil

I haven’t said much about the theme since I started this, but I have been thinking about it a lot. The theme for the show will have everything to do with what is involved in flourishing. And a lot of the struggle happens in the beginning. I was reminded of what that feels like while I struggled for the first three days of this project. So much struggle to get going. And then at the end of this project I will have opened up the petals and everything will be on display, but people might not realize or may forget that there were tears and doubts, and many nights of very little sleep to get to that point of flourishing.

The end result of getting through a difficult situation is acceptance. We can’t flourish until we accept what has happened. We can grieve and we can wrestle with it but finally there just has to be this rest with what is. “It is what it is”, as I say to a few of my friends. It just plain is.

So when I looked at this painting it just seemed like a soft resting of what reality is. Therefore, “Acceptance”.


During the painting of “Acceptance” I took a complete video – filled my camera card 1 1/2 times. I’m sure I’ll pay for that soon with a slow computer. Me need more hard drive space. So, I’m working on a time lapse for this painting at the moment. The current struggle? Finding a long enough and pretty enough royalty free and $free music track to put with it. A tall order. About as tall as these delphiniums.

More blogging is coming your way today. The boards are on the truck for delivery today, so I decided not to buy any more boards at double the price at the store. I’ll make a schedule, blog and get the house back under control until they arrive. Maybe I’ll take a nap – 2nd night in a row of 5 hours of sleep and going non-stop during the day. I’m sure people live on less, but I’m a zombie.

Thank you for stopping  by!!!


3 thoughts on “Acceptance {Day 7}

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You’re right, when you see the end result you don’t see the struggle one went through. You are very organized with the little stickies on the calendar!

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