Painting with Ugly Sauce {Day 3}

….. that’s what the last two painting attempts look like I’ve been doing. 

I’d like to be sharing some different news but believe it or not, now I’m having the opposite problem with the painting surface. Now the paint doesn’t want to stay on the board. I go to put paint on and the paint that’s already there lifts off instead. 

I have one last idea. 

Thank you for your patience and feedback. And I hope you’re enjoying the suspense because someone needs to be enjoying this. 

2 thoughts on “Painting with Ugly Sauce {Day 3}

  1. Don’t despair, all will come together…have you tried painting thicker? I heard you mention you thin your paint, maybe let it be drier. Best of luck, keep smiling.


    • Thank you, I tried everything. Paint straight from the tube etc. it just kept lifting off so easily I couldn’t even concentrate on painting, I was focused so much on making sure the paint stayed where I wanted it to be. My softening brushes even left streaks. So, drawing, values and all of that started going out the window really fast.

      Problem solved, I’m just going to use my own boards. I have a couple already but I had to order the rest. Feeling right at home, now. They’ll arrive next week some time.


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