Gesso, Save Me

…from this skill-squashing wooden surface. 

As you may have already seen on Instagram, I have decided to roll Gesso onto these cute little boards. This will hopefully give me a surface that I’m used to painting on.

Sadly, I have to wait 24 hours before being able to paint on the boards now. But I believe it will be worth the time setback.

And, who knows, now that I have learned how to prepare my own boards, I may have just found a cheaper way to paint. I’ll find out in a few days.














Normally I feel awful about painting over wood, but I think it’s justified.


This looks pretty promising. 









So what do you do when you can’t paint? You get all the things done that you were stressed over not being able to get done while you were busy painting.

I mowed the lawn. I finished the laundry. I’m going to tackle the kitchen, and I might even give my dog a haircut.

So, followers, we have to wait one more day before seeing actual painting, but I promise you’ll see some soon.

One thought on “Gesso, Save Me

  1. I was thinking of suggesting using gesso, I’m glad you did, I think you will like it. Way to go getting all stuff done!


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