Theme Reveal {Day 2}

Today was productive. Just not exactly in the areas I had anticipated. I realized today that I could not let the day go by without addressing our dirty laundry. It also became clear at breakfast time that I could not put off a grocery trip for one more day. So I used every spare minute I had that could not be used painting to take care of those necessary tasks. I did begin my first painting, however near the middle I found that the surface of the board was very different and had quite an affect on how my paint responded. I have learned I cannot paint the same way on these boards as I am used to. This is a bit unsettling.

For instance, I am used to being able to get a certain amount of texture, or when I go to lay paint down, it leaves my brush in a certain way. I think the board is more smooth than what I’m used to. Instead of getting streaks of texture, I get a blur. The way I lay paint down is something I don’t even have to think about. Like knowing the way your own vehicle responds to how you push your bake and gas pedal. Suddenly, I’m in a different vehicle on a very important road with people watching. {introvert nightmare: people can see me possibly totally mess up.}

So my first few hours of painting was a learning experience. I’m going to have to analyze the problems and figure a different way of doing things so that these paintings will look like I might know what I’m doing. I’m already not on target for paintings finished, but all in all, considering the difficulties with the board, household tasks, soccer practice, and general Mom-ing – I’m going to say that I did good and I’m allowed to have some chocolate.

Okay, enough of that. I know why you’re really here: The Theme Reveal.
I present to you:

Let Her Bloom 6x6 RebeccaFinch

This recent 6×6 inspired the theme for my part in the Mosaic show.



A group of floral paintings that will appear to bloom as they are arranged – from buds to full bloom.  In Flourish, as in life, bare branches erupt with fresh growth in the springtime, giving purpose to the harsh season that preceded it.

So, as you can probably tell, all of the paintings will be of flowers. And when they are hung in the show, I will hang them according to how open the flowers are from left to right – giving an illusion of flora opening up before your eyes.

I am uploading a video I shot earlier today that will give you a first look at the set up and my first still life. I will blog the video in the morning because uploading to Youtube takes forevah. Until tomorrow, chow.

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