Good Morning! {Day 2}

I may do a short updates like this during the day, and then at nighttime I will probably be able to give a more detailed blog.

Last night I did end up adding another coat of the Galkyd mixture onto the boards. I added a little bit of white paint in hopes of lightning the color of the board, but it didn’t really make much of a difference.  As of this morning, they are ready to paint on!

So far I have scheduled out the paintings over the course of five weeks. The week of the 14th I’m planning on not painting because the oils will take a while to dry, and I want to make sure I am finished in time. I can’t be bringing wet paintings to the show, now can I?

Also I realized this morning that my son gets out of school while this challenge is going on. So we’ll see how that works out for both of us. (that’s my grownup calm response. I will try to silence the panic response in my head as I sip my new favorite drink from Dunkin. There… that’s better)

I’m spying my first object to be painted now. I will reveal the theme for this show in my next post.

So, in the spirit of some of my son’s TV shows,
all I have to say right now is:

Octonauts, let’s do this!” and “Let’s trux it up!





4 thoughts on “Good Morning! {Day 2}

  1. Wow! How exciting I can’t wait to go on this amazing journey with you via technology! I’ll be here in Texas ( we just moved from Ohio) cheering you on and praying for you. I know some of the challenges you will face juggling motherhood with any undertaking, so hang on, work hard, and organize your time…every minute counts toward success whether it’s catching up on laundry, getting dinner on or painting or all three at once. This is a great opportunity, I know you will shine in the end, God bless your efforts!

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    • You are SO right on every level! And knowing when a break is more important than pushing through was something I learned last time. Thank you for following and cheering!!


    • You are such an inspiration! I’m thinking of doing a painting (which I haven’t painted in years…due to homeschooling and life in general, health mostly.) to feel as though I am cheering you on easel to easel. It will take me a days to set up, but I will post pics. Probably going to be a still life of fiber art (spinning, weaving, knitting, etc).

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