Summer Mosaic Announcement: Day 1

In 45 days, I’ll have 50 paintings completed. Why would I choose to do this to myself? It seemed like a good idea at the time. And I think it will still be a great idea when I’m done, but the space in between may prove to be challenging.

I recorded a video for you, today, to help explain what the next 45 days holds and what will be coming afterward.

Click to play the video:

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.14.54 PM

Today, I listened to a podcast while I sanded outside, and then I played some epic movie soundtracks while I mixed up my little seal concoction. {I find that some dramatic orchestral music from the movies can make any menial task feel like I could be saving the world.}


Ready to sand and seal with my mixture of Gamsol and Galkyd.

I promised myself that I would get to bed early tonight – like 9pm. Well, the video decided to take 2 hours to upload to YouTube, so here I am at 10:30. That was my only plan for getting that “ready to go” feeling in the morning.

When I think about painting tomorrow and starting this journey, I’ll be honest: right now I feel quite empty of creativity, and I’m not sure if I can pull this off. I’ll make a schedule for myself in the morning to be sure I’m on track and that will help relieve some of the uncertainties, but this is not a good emotional level to be starting off with. And as you heard in the video, I’ve done something very similar before. It doesn’t take long before fatigue sets in and you just can’t think about putting one more stroke down. But the pressure of the deadline looms so it’s near impossible to take a needed break. If I don’t pace myself, it could get pretty difficult.




They look much more intimidating all spread out instead of in a tidy stack. I don’t know if I have enough in me to fill them all up.

So, step one for tomorrow is to make a schedule and a plan for breaks.

Stop by tomorrow for Day 2, where I’ll be sharing the theme with you!
Leave a comment to keep me going! Feel free to ask me questions about the process.

See you tomorrow.

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