In the Spotlight {my first 6-person show}

It was my intention as this exhibit came close to blog along the way, but it didn’t happen as I’d planned. Many things prevented me from painting early so when July came, I really had to kick it into gear and I felt the time crunch was so strong that any time I had for art had to be used for painting. So, sadly blogging took a backseat and I instead kept up to date on my Instagram page – which is much less time consuming. I apologize for not keeping you in the loop, here. I will endeavor to make it up to you!

As an introduction to the show that is still on display at West End Gallery until November 18th, here is a gallery of images bellow showing all the paintings that were created from July through the end of September.

You may also view them on my website along with some insider information of their symbols and themes.

This was the largest group of new paintings I have ever put together. Each one has an allegory about them. Having gone through some difficult life events, I have finally fused who I am and what I have learned with art {which used to be my escape}. Now it is my therapy, sounding board and a journey. But I don’t want it to be about me. I want you to find yourself in these images. I’m sure that you can identify with similar emotions and my hope is that these aren’t just paintings to anyone. They are symbols of truths and hope.

*Click on any image to start a slideshow 


All paintings are available through West End Gallery. Feel free to contact the gallery or myself if you have any questions.

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