The Promise of Morning {a coming exhibition in October 2016}

I was recently invited to be part of a 6-person show, “In the Spotlight II” at West End Gallery this coming October 2016. And I must say that it is PERFECT timing. I have recently made some changes to the way I do art and it has really altered the trajectory of my whole art career. {Read about the changes in a recent blog, here}.

I don’t even know what my career is going to look like in a few years. All I know right now is that God has brought the changes and I’m relying on Him for each next step.

Freedom and Wings insitu-939-4.jpg

“Freedom to Hope” {5×7 oil sold}  •limited edition prints are available

From now until October, I’ll be working on and posting about this show which will be the first pouring out of what I have experienced and learned while working through some painful events for the last two years. This show is the perfect start to grouping important themes together that I’ve been wanting to express so I began praying and asking for direction regarding a focused theme for this show.

Contrasts of darkness and light came to mind. Night and Day. How “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Eventually, a clear theme formed.

What do we really need in the darkest times of our lives? When the pain goes on and on, our very basic need is to know that one day it will be better. The hope that morning is coming. Maybe not at the next sunrise because as you all know, there are times in life when tears fill your eyes as the sun rises. When you wake up and remember the loss and grieve all over again. Our “midnight” could last for years. And when it does, we need to hold onto some vital promises. This show in October, entitled “The Promise of Morning” will be featuring through symbolism the themes and promises that help us survive through the longer nights in our lives. Won’t you follow this journey with me to the end and enjoy the promises that have become so dear to me?

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