Tomorrow’s Giveaway!

Reproductions ad blank cropped

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving away something special to two people on my email list. You may want to sign up for updates today so you can be eligible
(unsubscribe at any time).

For years I’ve been interested in created reproductions of my work, but the timing just never seemed right. But this year, I decided that perhaps more people would like them on their walls. This January I started pursuing this old dream and the day after my birthday I went to a printer to make it a reality. {artists celebrate in unique ways, I know.}  

The Details:
This February I plan on taking pre-orders on the website and will have prints available in March. I will be sending an email to announce their availability, so sign-up for my email updates and please don’t ignore me in your mailbox this month. 

These will be “limited edition prints” which means I will choose a quantity, say 100 for example, and once 100 reproductions have been created, I will NEVER print any more. Thus making your print more valuable. Each print will be hand signed and numbered with my guarantee that all ink and the substrate will be archival and of the highest quality. You will also receive a card with your print detailing the title and a description of the meaning behind the painting.

The Giveaway:
To kick-off these reproductions, I will be giving one print to two people on my email list. (woohoo!) If you didn’t get an email from me this morning with images of all 8 new paintings (not just a notification about this blog), oh no, you’re not on my list! Also sharing is caring so if you have a dear friend with whom you don’t mind reducing you chances for, please invite a them to subscribe so they can also be eligible to win.

The winners will be announced next week and soon after that prints will be available for purchase. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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