The Artist’s Magazine Contest Results are In…

If you frequent my Instagram page, you may remember that a while back (29 weeks to be exact) I pushed away my intimidation and entered the Artist’s Magazine’s Annual Art Contest. This past summer, I heard back from TAM’s senior editor that I was one of the winners.

Wedding Plans was awarded Honorable Mention in the Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition.

The Artist’s Magazine chose a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place along with three honorable mentions as winners in addition to a long list of finalists. In a way, Wedding Plans was in a 3-way-tie for 4th place out of 959 entries for the still life category. I am humbled and so excited about this news. Thank you, Artist’s Magazine and judge Sherri McGraw for this honor.

Wedding Plans Rebecca Finch-6
Weddingplans rebeccafinch-1I’ve waited a long time until I was allowed to share the news and now that it’s here I can party – so please pass the chocolate.

Did you miss this painting? Hop over to these two blog posts to help you get acquainted.

• See images from start to finish in the Painting Progression post
• Enjoy the Fictionette {a short work of fiction} in this post.

Thank you to everyone who follows, likes, comments and cheers me on. Without your feedback, it would get pretty lonely in the studio – lonelier than an introvert likes to be, that is.

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