Wedding Vows {the objects}

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch

Wedding Vows   {12×24 oil • $575}

Filled with meaning, “Wedding Vows” embodies wishes for the bride and groom.

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-2-3

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-1-3The Symbols 

Pears symbolize abundance. May husband and wife find great abundance of love, life and happiness.

May their love have longevity and may they be faithful to each other as the lemon represents.

May pink tulips recall the need to care for and attach themselves to each other.

Let the lime perhaps as unseen and hidden as it may be, bring forth growth of character as they start a new life together. Marriage exposes our selfishness and all the things that were once hidden that now need to be addressed in our own lives. That almost forgotten aspect of growth is crucial and inevitable in healthy relationships.

As the pink rose symbolizes, may the couple be reminded to be grateful even when life seems lean and sparse as it often does from time to time.

May the lavender rose remind them how they fell in love at first sight and what it was that brought them together.

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-1-7The Objects 

Each silver object was owned by my husband’s Great-Grandmother, the letter is in my Grandmother’s handwriting, the blue ink bottle was a gift from my friend after I had hand-lettered her wedding invitations and the calligraphy pen was a gift from my husband while we were dating.

Each object has a story and a connection
which is what makes Wedding Vows so full of meaning for myself
and I believe those who will view it. 

See images of Wedding Vows from start to finish in the Painting Progression post.

Contact Rebecca for more information about Wedding Vows.

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-8

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