Wedding Plans {Fictionette}

Presenting, my latest painting, Wedding Plans {10×10 oil $575} Enjoy the new Wedding Plans Fictionette below.
{Fictionette: a short story written by Rebecca to accompany a painting}
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Wedding Plans ©Rebecca Finch

Wedding Plans {10×10 oil • $575}


Wedding Plans

by Rebecca Finch

Her thoughts swirled as she sat quietly working through the order of the wedding ceremony. A simple service with a sparse celebration afterward had been decided. A small cake reception would be followed by a short honeymoon in the next town over. But it would be perfect and the fanfare would resound in her own heart.

A set of strong hands came to rest on her shoulders. “Nance, do you have a few minutes? I … have something to show you.” Turning back, she met her beloved’s eyes. Caught in a dreamlike motion, she stood and followed him through the house.

Her hand firmly in his, Tom led her at an increasing speed down the street where a perfectly polished limousine waited. He nodded to the driver, “Thanks, Jack”.  “As always, sir.” Her heart raced as the driver opened the door for her to enter the luxurious vehicle. Tom held her tight with nervous excitement as they rode past the familiar overgrown neighborhood and then entered a seemingly forbidden city of unimaginable opulence. As they drove on, the properties grew in size and the mansions exceeded Nancy’s imagination.

The driver took a turn, leading them through a large, ornate gate. It was the entrance to a private property winding through a vast expanse of land, spotted here and there with exquisite courtyards, lush gardens, fountains, and extravagant vehicles. Finally they reached the mansion that had loomed in the distance since passing through the gate. Stepping out of the limousine, Nancy gazed at the ornate structure, stretching farther in every direction than she was able to see. Its height blocked the noon sun.

“Good day, sir.” A maid approached them in a flawlessly pressed uniform. “Shall I set up lunch in the sun room?”
“Yes, Tia, that would be perfect.”

Tom seemed to be familiar with everyone they had encountered. Nancy’s eyes begged him to explain.

While a quiet breeze swept around them, he drew her close with a smile.
“And now, I have something to tell you.”



Wedding Plans  can be seen at West End Gallery. Enjoy an opening Reception this Friday evening from 5:00-7:30pm.


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