Unlocking Old Secrets III {Painting Progression}

Transparency and Contrast I on easel

Unlocking Old Secrets III is the smallest in a series of three paintings which I will use similar objects to create a unified look among them. It’s also the first grouping of paintings to be released with a “fictionette”. Enjoy a bit of fiction that fills in some background for the objects {here}.

One thing I love to do is show the step by step progression of a painting. One day, I plan on filming some time lapse videos, while I paint, but until that day, this is what I can do for you. Enjoy a little slideshow and some explanations in the comments. Look for this painting to be available at West End Gallery’s Opening reception on May 1st.

Click on any image to enter the slideshow.

One thought on “Unlocking Old Secrets III {Painting Progression}

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