Unlocking Old Secrets {fictionette}

"Unlocking Old Secrets I" © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets III”   {6×6 • $295}   ©Rebecca Finch

Unlocking Old Secrets
by Rebecca Finch

It was older than the others and perhaps curiosity lured the girl to speculate what use it had to the deceased authoress.

She turned to the estate manager. Glancing over his glasses he mumbled, “Yes, take it. I have no need of that key. I don’t know why she kept it, it’s been tangled in her jewelry all these years…” His voice drifted out of notice while she freed the smallest key from its entrapment of cheap gold chains and smoothed it’s cold iron between her fingers.

What secrets had this miniscule key held back from all the world? 

Next to an unremarkable glass collection, her eyes rested on the madam’s final book, a memoir. What secrets, indeed?

“I’ll take that book, too.” Surprised at her own assertiveness she handed him two coins, gathered her treasures and let the door shut behind her before his “good day, Miss” could echo through the house. Stopping just outside the door, she checked her pockets and confirmed the presence of three coins ensuring a meager dinner for the family as Mother had instructed.

Had she known how the memoir and key could work together to reshape her life, she would have emptied her pockets, plundered the jar of coins hidden beneath the kitchen floorboards and yielded her last crumb of bread in exchange for them.

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"Unlocking Old Secrets II" © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets II”   (8×8 • $495}   ©Rebecca Finch

Unlocking Old Secrets-1

“Unlocking Old Secrets I”   {12×12 • $650}   @Rebecca Finch

WestEndGallery-6 • View the Unlocking Old Secrets Collection at West End Gallery’s next opening reception on May 1st, 2015.

• For more information about Rebecca’s Unlocking Old Secrets Collection, feel free to contact Rebecca or West End Gallery.

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