Putting in the Hours

You may not realize but at the moment, I’m coming off of an unfortunate 10 month pause from painting and that’s plenty of time for rust to develop. For various reasons, this has happened several times in my life as an artist. It’s always such a struggle to get back into the routine of painting because, as this perfectly worded video states, my taste is still good. Good enough to tell that what I’m doing isn’t that great.

I love this video and I watch it often.



What I’m creating is, eh…ok, but not that great. And the only thing that’s going to fix that is for me to simply put in the hours. Clock in and just get to work. I have to forget about painting that next sellable masterpiece, and just paint for the sake of painting. My brain and eyes need to relearn how to work together again. I have to learn how to see again: edges, shapes, value, temperature, angles, proportion. It’s terribly complex and overwhelming at times. And oh boy, it’s frustrating. I feel like a failure, and many times I feel like the whole day was a total waste, and I want to just stop trying because I’m NEVER going to get this. But that won’t take my skills where I want them to be any quicker.

So, for now, I am doing little 10 minute “sketches” in an effort to condition myself back into shape. Working and praying my way through. It WILL be worth it, and I WILL get there!

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