Go Fish – a little store of global proportions

My husband and I have been in Atlanta, GA this week for some meetings. Today we decided to go out and have some fun: see some sights, munch on some food, annoy some strangers. . . Unfortunately the Georgia Aquarium would be closing soon after we could arrive, so we ended up at Marietta Square. We found it to be a sweet little block of unique gift shops with very cute and interesting items all wrapping around a small park. Very cute. Very quaint. It’s the sort of place that gets me all inspired and ready to paint when I get home.

Then we happened upon this little shop
and I decided that I just had to tell you about this gem.

Go Fish Logo

Go Fish Store

What is so special about this store? Everything in it is handmade and created by artisans living in 3rd world developing countries. Images of the artisans in their homes are posted beside their work and you can read their story. Beautiful jewelry, handmade clothes, scarves, wood carvings and so much more one of a kind pieces can be found here. Go Fish eliminates the middle man by working directly with the artists themselves and pays them their asking prices and I can’t honestly imagine that there’s an unjust markup as much of the merchandise is reasonably priced.

Marietta Square

Marietta Square

The current location page shows 12 stores from Virginia on down to Florida with many franchise openings available in selected locations. So, if you’re into beautiful handmade items, helping someone in need, or think you might want to go into business – think Go Fish!

as we have the opportunity,
let us do good to all people.”
Galatians 6:10

2 thoughts on “Go Fish – a little store of global proportions

  1. That’s the very square Beth and I visited when we were in college…she drove me down to Atlanta to get my passport renewed and they told us about the little Aussie shop there. Looks like we could have had some fun at the other shops as well. :^)


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