Healing Art

He Makes All Things New ©Rebecca Finch

He Makes All Things New ©Rebecca Finch

Last week was quite possibly the worst week in my life, and each day continues to be a challenge. Our lives will never be the same and I imagine years from now I may still be shedding tears over the changes that we have experienced. However as always, good things come from painful situations. We are already seeing good come. Somehow the healing will take place and I believe that for me, the Lord has given me ideas and a creative outlet for working out this pain for His good.

He Makes All Things New was started the week before my world was rocked. But as I finished the painting today and looked back on what I was beginning to see as God’s idea of last week, I had to recognize that He is doing a new thing in our lives. And since everything God does is good I am in awe of how He has wielded a devastating week into joy and blessing. Only He can do such things.

Stay tuned for more paintings in this collection as I somehow put on canvas through still life the healing that I have miraculously received from Him in just a few days. It should have taken me a year to get here. Praise the Lord for the new things He does!

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