The Art of Relaxation

Landon & Daddy ©Rebecca FinchLandon & Daddy ©Rebecca Finch

Last month my husband, myself and our 9 month old son went on vacation. It was a wonderful week of. . . nothing. The only plans we made were to relax and vegetate. We stayed at a ministry camp in a house just inside the edge of a thick wooded area at the top of a hill with a view of Canandaigua Lake down below.

I brought my jewelry making supplies, oil paints and sketching materials in the hopes that this leisurely week would allow me to get creative. With a difficult pregnancy and delivery, I wasn’t able to keep up with art as I would have liked and now I feel that I am just now able to devote my time to it. So these paintings and sketches are some of the first renderings I’ve done in about 2 years, . . so take that into consideration as I know they are not up to par.

Ducky Sketch ©Rebecca Finch

While I took the time to read art magazines and books and didn’t have to do anything but sketch and paint if I wanted to, I learned a few things and made some goals and decisions. I feel ready to work hard to make time for more art in my life.

Sketching: It doesn’t take long, just a few minutes really, but it’s fundamental to keeping those drawing skills sharp. I enjoyed pulling out some of my baby’s toys for some quick drawing time.

Thanks for Noticin' ©Rebecca FinchThanks for Noticin’ ©Rebecca Finch

I enjoyed painting Landon’s toys also. I think I had a real connection to the rubber ducky (I sure painted him enough times) however those cups and the ellipses gave me a run for my money. When I finished up this little one, I had a feeling that one day when I was able to pursue my persistent desire for children’s book illustration that perhaps I had stumbled on a style worth trying. Fine art still life, with a slight painterly line drawing. We’ll have to see where this takes me and how it develops.

Ducky and Stacking Cups ©Rebecca FinchSome of my goals include sketching more often, painting during my baby’s naps, reading about art more than I do, blogging more often, and I plan on beefing up this website after I complete a few art projects. So keep watching.

You're the One ©Rebecca FinchYou’re the One ©Rebecca Finch

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