In the Kitchen I

It’s been set up for about 2 weeks, now, but because of many circumstances falling under the categories of “Life” and “Priorities”, today was the first day of real and profitable painting. After a run to the grocery store to get the most old fashioned bag of flour I could find, some apples, and very expensive brown eggs, I set up the still life attempting to mimic the look of a real kitchen counter.
Feel very special, for I usually don’t like to show the set up, but I thought it would be fun this time. One thing I would like you to keep in mind as you view the setup and undoubtedly compare it with the painting, (it’s hard to fight that urge myself) remember that I am painting, not taking a photograph. I am allowed to make changes in value, temperature and edges. If we weren’t then all paintings any artist painted would be the same in style, and they might as well be photographs. So, as a painter, I simplify color changes, edges and subjects,. .etc. to make the painting the best it can be, my goal is not to record everything that is there. With that said, proceed and enjoy.

My most daunting task was to simulate the backsplash to create a little more authenticity. Here you can see the cover to our radiator turned upside down with a piece of cardboard (the backing to one of my old sketchpads) propped up to look like the back wall. You can’t see it, but there is a hole in the flour bag (of course I didn’t notice until I came home with it). The old Betty Crocker Cookbook was my Mamaw’s, and the kitchen towel, bowl, measuring cups and spoons were all wedding gifts. Notice the lovely Dell box underneath the “kitchen counter”. Only the best in my studio.

In the time between my first and second painting sessions, some of the props such as the measuring cups and spoons were temporarily taken from the setup because they were needed in the real kitchen so we could eat.

My first painting session yielded only incorrectly sketched items. So after a faulty beginning I studied the still life as I passed by the room on my way to something more urgent and envisioned the painting completed in my mind as I worked on other things. (Pretty cool – I can do art while I vacuum.) I could see the style I was going for. Loose, simple, effective, yet warm, reflecting the enjoyment I find in cooking. For some reason I could see the apples completed in my mind the clearest, so the decision was made that the apples would be my point of origin, and if done correctly, they would set the tone for the rest of the painting.

I am pleased with today’s progress, and am able to envision more of the painting completed. The sun was going down, so my opportunity for a good photograph was gone before I realized it. This explains the low color quality. The photograph is a little skewed because the wet paint would have created lots of glare if it were taken straight on.

Better and more complete pictures coming soon. If the sun chooses to shine tomorrow I will be painting, again. Keep checking.

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