Why So Famous?

I’ve often wondered why some paintings rise to international fame and become an icon of sorts in the art world. What is that secret recipe? So I thought I’d aim that question at the most famous and recognizable painting in all of history, the Mona Lisa.

After doing some reading (mind you, I have not become an expert on the subject) and watching some documentaries, I’ve decided on four factors that seems to have thrust the Mona Lisa into the fame she has now secured for all of time.

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What is it about Van Gogh?

“I cannot help that my pictures do not sell. Nevertheless the time will come when people will see
that they are worth more than the price of the paints and my own living.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


Out of Vincent Van Gogh’s 900+ paintings, “Red Vineyard” (pictured here) is the only painting that sold in his lifetime. Here is a man who painted because he was compelled to do so. Not for money, fame or even the respect of his peers. He painted for the sheer joy and drive of the act of painting itself. That is what is so intriguing to me about Van Gogh. I recently visited the Met, and I surprised myself by wanting to locate Van Gogh’s work before any other artist. Not because I think he was an amazing artist, but I think he had the heart of an artist. I felt a connection the  more I read about his life and work. 

He went against the accepted techniques and subjects of his day. He shamefully didn’t hide his brushstrokes when it was expected that the most skilled artists create as smooth a painting as possible. He painted ordinary objects when his fellow artists only painted what was beautiful. He painted the way he thought he should paint not based on his sales or the opinions of others. His work was shocking and undesirable but he kept on painting. Perhaps this is why his work is sought after, today.

He was a radical with a brush.

Upstate Autumn: a photographic journey in Upstate New York

You may be:
• Hearing about Upstate Autumn for the first time.
• Familiar with Upstate Autumn
• Looking forward to the end of Upstate Autumn so I’ll stop posting about it on Facebook. {If this is the case, my sincerest apologies, this will stop in a few days}

To see what Upstate Autumn is all about, enjoy this video or let me give you a very brief description of the project below.

Rebecca Finch PhotographyThe Dream: I would like to spend several weeks photographing the beautiful autumn season in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York this year. If this dream becomes a reality, I will offer these images on high quality papers and canvases as home decor, but I need your help before September 30th to make this happen.

Your Part: Since I don’t have the necessary photography equipment for fine art printing, I am raising money for this project by offering portrait photography and prints of Upstate Autumn. If enough people pledge their support, then I can move ahead with the Upstate Autumn project and fulfill the rewards that are promised when you back this project.

If the goal is not reached by September 30th, you are not obligated to give the money you have pledged and the project does not get completed.

Please spend a few minutes to watch my video and take a look at the Kickstarter page to consider getting involved. 


Taughannock Falls, NY

This weekend, it seemed that everyone had the bright idea to be outside. Fall was making it’s presence known on this wonderfully warm autumn day.
We saw tons of professional photographers, and even one plein air painter enjoying the inspiring falls. Enjoy the view, we sure did! See more images on my website.

The Gift of the Magi

A beautiful Christmas classic illustrated with fresh whimsy.

I just had to share this book and illustrator before Christmas came and left. Lisbeth Zwerger is one of my favorite illustrators. She has a very old fashioned feel to her illustrations with toned backgrounds and stray sketched lines, however the composition (how the image is laid out and cropped, centered or off-centered, etc.) is very unusual and intriguing.

“One dollar and eighty-seven cents is all the money Della has in the world to buy her beloved husband a Christmas present. She has nothing to sell except her only treasure — her long, beautiful brown hair.

Set in New York at the turn of the twentieth century, this classic piece of American literature tells the story of a young couple and the sacrifices each must make to buy the other a gift.Beautiful, delicate watercolors by award-winning illustrator Lisbeth Zwerger add new poignancy and charm to this simple tale about the rewards of unselfish love.”

 If you want to buy a children’s book this Christmas, make it this one. It will warm your heart. 


Want more?

View more of Lisbeth’s work

Christian Art and Aesthetics

Does “good” art have to be beautiful? Here is an interesting video about the need for real life to be reflected in the realm of Christian arts in terms of music and visual art.

The video below accompanied an article on the Gospel Coalition Website and brings up some interesting issues regarding how Christian arts are and should be changing. Some feel the tone is pompous, and I feel that their complaint is a bit unfounded. Judge for yourself.

I do have a few thoughts after watching:

I do have to disagree with their opinion that too much Christian music is happily fake and too much like the unrealistically beautiful Thomas Kinkade paintings. Maybe I listen to a different grouping of music than they do but I tell you, a lot of what I hear is brokenness in music right now. The CCM artists are getting very real. Just listen to Blessings by Laura Story. There are hundreds of songs (maybe thousands) that also give the impression that the writer has come through a difficult time of life, and they’re not afraid to sing about it. Take “Down Here’s” newest album, or half of the songs from Jeremy Camp’s Unplugged album that share brokenness and pain are where we learn about God more, become stronger and more solid in belief in Him.

This song has been so powerful in my life. Jeremy Camp’s wife died of cancer after 4 months of marriage. He can still write a song about being in the greatest pain of life yet still believing in what God has promised.

I also say we need balance. They are saying there’s not enough real life. Well, for those who are going through the trenches, yes we need to hear the songs like Blessings, but we also desperately need the songs that give real hope. The songs that take our focus off our situation and bring us to the bigger picture of Who we serve, what He is like, and what our long term future holds. It’s necessary for daily survival. We need the songs that Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman are writing because we need relief from our situation. Not just fluffy happiness, but real relief that points us to our Creator and is a genuine comfort.

Yes, there needs to be a recognition that we are destitute and life isn’t perfect. Right now life is so painful I can’t take in all the facets in one glance and the days that I try to, my tears fall all day long and my body hurts. . .BUT I have a Savior and He is walking with me, helping me through, and I have His promises to lean on when I’m so distraught that my hands shake. There’s a difference between celebrating the truth of God in my life and putting on a fake front that everything is okay.

I’m saying that we need both, and in the music industry of CCM, we certainly have both.

As for Thomas Kinkade? As an artist, I agree with their perception of the artist’s opinion of him. But as a Christian? Maybe people’s lives are so difficult they need the warm glow for some relief. Again, balance.

Yes, the Psalms are full of David simply crying out to God in distress, but you can pretty much count on David in the last few verses to remind himself Who God is, and why he can be joyful even though the tears are flowing.

My Other Skills

You no doubt have seen some of my paintings, but did you know that I also do graphic design?

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Camac Harps Photography and Ad for the Harp Column Magazine

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