A New Website Has Sprung

I am excited to announce the unveiling of my new website.

What is so new, you ask?  Only EVERYTHING!

Click on any image or link and have fun exploring.

Rebecca Finch HomepageA freshened color scheme, tons of large images and a new logo on an ever changing home page will keep you updated on my latest paintings and related blog posts.

Rebecca Finch
Larger images of my paintings have been added for easier browsing.

Rebecca Finch Home Decor WebsiteA home decor page has been created to shower you with inspiration and ideas for displaying fine art in your own home. Let the fearless owning of original art begin!

Rebecca Finch Studio Tour

Another brand new page, Studio Tour details the journey of a painting from inspiration to the gallery walls. See images of the studio, explanations of how I work, my supplies, process and recommendations.

Rebecca Finch WestEndGalleryWest End Gallery’s page will feature paintings that are available through the gallery – now with more detailed information.

Meet Rebecca Finch
On my personal page, enjoy regularly updated family information, more about my other art interests and the inside scoop of how these art shenanigans got started.

Connect with me
Rebecca Finch Connecteasily by locating my social media site links, newsletter sign up and email in one place.

This was quite the project and I’m so pleased that it’s completed.

Click on any image or link and have fun exploring the new website.

Unlocking Old Secrets II {Painting Progression}

"Unlocking Old Secrets II" {8x8 $495} © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets II” {8×8 $495} © Rebecca Finch

While I’m working on the website facelift, it leaves less time for blogging, so this one will be shorter than normal. BUT I’m super excited about the new website look and I can’t wait to launch it!

Here’s a look at a different painting in the Unlocking Old Secrets collection. You can see the progression for painting III here.  If you didn’t catch the short story written just for these paintings, you can read the Fictionette here.

Enjoy a short slideshow and some explanations in the comments. Look for this painting to be available at West End Gallery’s Opening reception on May 1st.

Click on any image below to view the large slideshow.

Unlocking Old Secrets III {Painting Progression}

Transparency and Contrast I on easel

Unlocking Old Secrets III is the smallest in a series of three paintings which I will use similar objects to create a unified look among them. It’s also the first grouping of paintings to be released with a “fictionette”. Enjoy a bit of fiction that fills in some background for the objects {here}.

One thing I love to do is show the step by step progression of a painting. One day, I plan on filming some time lapse videos, while I paint, but until that day, this is what I can do for you. Enjoy a little slideshow and some explanations in the comments. Look for this painting to be available at West End Gallery’s Opening reception on May 1st.

Click on any image to enter the slideshow.

Unlocking Old Secrets {fictionette}

"Unlocking Old Secrets I" © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets III”   {6×6 • $295}   ©Rebecca Finch

Unlocking Old Secrets
by Rebecca Finch

It was older than the others and perhaps curiosity lured the girl to speculate what use it had to the deceased authoress.

She turned to the estate manager. Glancing over his glasses he mumbled, “Yes, take it. I have no need of that key. I don’t know why she kept it, it’s been tangled in her jewelry all these years…” His voice drifted out of notice while she freed the smallest key from its entrapment of cheap gold chains and smoothed it’s cold iron between her fingers.

What secrets had this miniscule key held back from all the world? 

Next to an unremarkable glass collection, her eyes rested on the madam’s final book, a memoir. What secrets, indeed?

“I’ll take that book, too.” Surprised at her own assertiveness she handed him two coins, gathered her treasures and let the door shut behind her before his “good day, Miss” could echo through the house. Stopping just outside the door, she checked her pockets and confirmed the presence of three coins ensuring a meager dinner for the family as Mother had instructed.

Had she known how the memoir and key could work together to reshape her life, she would have emptied her pockets, plundered the jar of coins hidden beneath the kitchen floorboards and yielded her last crumb of bread in exchange for them.

Write a comment and finish the story…
"Unlocking Old Secrets II" © Rebecca Finch

“Unlocking Old Secrets II”   (8×8 • $495}   ©Rebecca Finch

Unlocking Old Secrets-1

“Unlocking Old Secrets I”   {12×12 • $650}   @Rebecca Finch

WestEndGallery-6 • View the Unlocking Old Secrets Collection at West End Gallery’s next opening reception on May 1st, 2015.

• For more information about Rebecca’s Unlocking Old Secrets Collection, feel free to contact Rebecca or West End Gallery.

Coming Soon: New Work and a New Look

Scroll down to see a list of exciting things coming your way.
Museum selfie with NC Wyeth at the Rockwell Museum.

Museum selfie with NC Wyeth at the Rockwell Museum.

Spending the week at the Rockwell Museum during my son's spring break.

Spending the week at the Rockwell Museum during my son’s spring break.

I apologize for the quiet blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram lately.

My life has been redirected for a short time with: spring break with my sweet 4-year-old boy, followed by that same sweet boy coming down with an ear infection, a visit to see great-grandparents, a graphic design deadline, my 11th anniversary celebrations, a bridal shower for my sis-in-law and the rest of my time was sprinkled here and there with what my ENT (ear, nose throat Dr.) believes to be Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s allows me to “enjoy” Disney’s Mad Tea Party ride. On a boat. In choppy water. All while sitting perfectly still on my living room couch.

Spending time with Great-Grandparents.

Spending time with Great-Grandparents.

But, let’s move onto much more fun things…my hope is to be painting again later this week – and that means more images on Instagram for you!

What I really want to tell you about is that I’ve also been working on a redesign of my website. It started as simply adding some new paintings to the site and ended with me researching 2015 web design trends and putting them into use. I’m giving mywebself a new ‘do. Freshened up colors (but I can’t quite let go of the dusty aqua, yet), a logo, more social website interactions and updated images.

If you have any feedback on what you want to see more of, let me know! I want to create a website you want to keep visiting.

Thank you for your patience and continued visits!

Look for these new additions coming soon:
• A new website design to launch by the end of April.
• New work will be hitting the blog this week
• A Fictionette debut: My first work of fiction to accompany a collection of paintings
• A gallery of images showing the progression of some new paintings from start to finish.

So be sure to “follow” the blog to catch everything. 

So, Now I’m on Pinterest…

Rebeccafinch is on PinterestAfter probably a year of denying the attraction and not wanting to succumb to another Facebook-like black hole of time, I decided that I needed to get with it and get myself on Pinterest.

Now don’t let me be alone over there in Pinterestland.

I am adding new content each day so be patient as the pins grow. You’ll see more images of anything art related that I do, more behind the scenes studio images, bits from my blog, marketing help for artists…etc.

Coming Soon:

• Tips for displaying art in your home
• Images of almost every single painting I’ve completed (you can’t find some of these paintings anywhere)
• Book recommendations
• Art supply recommendations for my fellow artists.

And I have a few more ideas that may develop in 2016 for you all.

So, don’t leave me hanging. Follow! Like! Repin!

Illustration of Whimsy

During a trip to the library, I discovered these little treasures illustrated in unusual and fantastic way.

• The Princess and the Pea   by Polly Borland
• Goldilocks and the Three Bears   by Polly Borland 

(There are affiliate links to Amazon in this post)

Illustrator Polly Borland has “captured”  two books in particular that I find so cute and appealing to me that I have to share. I admit – I have a thing for miniatures that I think originated with my dollhouse that my Dad made for me. I’ve never done anything with this little fetish, though. Perhaps that’s because I know that it would end up being a costly venture and that I could also just live vicariously by seeing the work of others and simply enjoy the fruits of their labors. For me, a look through The Princess and the Pea is like sipping a tart pink lemon aid that is just sweet enough. The wit and humor of the writing coupled with the modern twist on vintage design paired with dollhouse settings and drawn faces is such a treat. What a lovely and fun mix if bright colors, comfortable old fashioned. Goldilocks is illustrated differently and takes on a more sweet and innocent feel. Using a three dimensional doll, the lovely sets are set up in fresh colors. Yet the feel maintains some vintage form, which I love.

I hope you enjoy a look at these two books, they’re lovely. 


If you’d like to see my other Children’s Book Recommendations, check out my Recommendations Page on Amazon.