The Artist’s Magazine Contest Results are In…

If you frequent my Instagram page, you may remember that a while back (29 weeks to be exact) I pushed away my intimidation and entered the Artist’s Magazine’s Annual Art Contest. This past summer, I heard back from TAM’s senior editor that I was one of the winners.

Wedding Plans was awarded Honorable Mention in the Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition.

The Artist’s Magazine chose a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place along with three honorable mentions as winners in addition to a long list of finalists. In a way, Wedding Plans was in a 3-way-tie for 4th place out of 959 entries for the still life category. I am humbled and so excited about this news. Thank you, Artist’s Magazine and judge Sherri McGraw for this honor.

Wedding Plans Rebecca Finch-6
Weddingplans rebeccafinch-1I’ve waited a long time until I was allowed to share the news and now that it’s here I can party – so please pass the chocolate.

Did you miss this painting? Hop over to these two blog posts to help you get acquainted.

• See images from start to finish in the Painting Progression post
• Enjoy the Fictionette {a short work of fiction} in this post.

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I Was Feeling Adventurous {New Paintings}

I thought I’d share what’s been going on in the studio lately. I feel like I’ve been so busy painting and doing other artsy things that I haven’t had much time to document anything. So I apologize about the ghost town over here. If you’re ever wondering what in the world I’m up to, hop over to my Instagram page because I’m always posting over there.

I have three new paintings this fall, and each of them are quite different:

Portrait of Autumn studio shots Rebecca Finch-4

“Portrait of Autumn” {12×24 oil, $950}

Portrait of Autumn takes a turn toward more vibrant color and deeper darks than my more recent paintings have gone. I was inspired by this textured and aged table as the backdrop for a fall themed painting. It was truly an enjoyable painting to complete. Of course I had to get my new obsession in – feathers – and pair them up with my pears and sticks.

Dark Flight Rebecca Finch-4

“Dark Flight” {8×8 oil, $495}

Next is by far the most unique piece I’ve ever painted – Dark Flight. I have been enjoying the work of Michael Klein lately, and decided that I had to try a dark painting. Well, I really enjoyed finding different colors of black for the background -veering into browns and then blues with the scratchy background was especially fun. I brought some softness in with the… yeah, the feathers, again (you can plan the intervention now cause I have no intentions of ceasing to paint or collect feathers).

Keys to My Heart Rebecca Finch wm

“Keys to My Heart” {5×7 oil, $190}

The last and definitely the smallest, is my itty bitty key painting. Oh, yes, the skeleton keys that I can’t get enough of and I decided to make them the focus in Keys to My Heart. It’s the first in a series of suspended keys with varying themes of unlocking positive emotions and freedom from negative thoughts. It’s all still brewing in my mind. This painting is now available until January at the Arnot Art Museum along with 8 other paintings. Stop by to see the Holiday Art Market featuring a handful of our local artists.

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The Caretaker’s Empty Nest {Fictionette}

The Caretaker's Empty Nest ©Rebecca Finch

The Caretaker’s Empty Nest {9×12 oil, $575} ©Rebecca Finch

While painting this still life, I became quite emotional and nostalgic as I experienced a small form of empty nest, myself. My little baby had just started Kindergarten and was also taking the bus for the first time. I must say that every time that bus pulls away, my heart aches. So this painting took on that bittersweet tone and a story developed as its backdrop that might just give you the warm fuzzies. 

The Caretaker’s Empty Nest
by Rebecca Finch

The Caretaker's Empty Nest

He laid the nest gingerly on the weathered table. It was a mesmerizing swirl of twigs, string, hair and feathers. He tried to recall how long it had been since the two birds had moved into the foliage beside his shed. He’d occasionally unlocked the old gate to peek in on their house project as they came and went, gathering supplies. The dense bush there provided visual protection, however he still managed to see down through their wooded skylight to watch every preparation.

It was only a few weeks later the silence was continually broken with intense chirping as mother and father bird made countless trips to feed their babies. Through the night, and on through the day, they took shifts. Then the feathers grew in and the chirp pitches lowered. Their first falls and first successful flights. He’d been there to see it all – cheering quietly, indulging his curiosity, stifling a gasp here and a chuckle there. Each stage rekindled memories of the growing and changing of his own children, years ago.
theCaretakersEmptyNest RebeccaFinch-7

Seeing more than just a bird’s nest, he gathered the feathers that had fallen to the floor of his old cabin. They were like old toys left behind by now grown children; representations of a life stage now past. He would keep the nest as a mother keeps a family scrapbook.

But now he needed something to fill the space that watching over this tiny family had filled over the last two months. There was an emptiness, like a house, oddly still during the first day of school. The void brought his thoughts full circle and before he knew it, he was on the phone talking to his daughter. With children of her own chattering away and filling days with memories to be stored for her own twilight years, father and daughter reconnected.

Contact Rebecca or West End Gallery
for more information on this painting.

Wedding Vows {Painting Progression}

Join me as I share the progression of Wedding Vows below.
Read about the objects and symbolism for Wedding Vows in this post.
WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-16

Wedding Vows {12×24 oil $875}

Wedding Vows seemed to take forever to paint as higher priorities, trips, and illness kept me at a crawling pace toward the finish line. This is always very difficult for me. I start to feel like the painting isn’t one cohesive unit, but is instead a disjointed puzzle with pieces that don’t quite fit together. Sometimes when a week or two has passed, I find that I even see the colors differently which can be very evident in my normal white cloth which everything is sitting on. One week I’ll see the shadows cooler than the next week.

Many flowers, limes, lemons and pears were sacrificed in the studio. So, I struggled. But in the end, it worked well and it’s now hanging in West End Gallery, just waiting for her new home.
Enjoy below the progression for Wedding Vows. Click on any image to enter a slideshow.

Wedding Vows {the objects}

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch

Wedding Vows   {12×24 oil • $575}

Filled with meaning, “Wedding Vows” embodies wishes for the bride and groom.

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-2-3

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-1-3The Symbols 

Pears symbolize abundance. May husband and wife find great abundance of love, life and happiness.

May their love have longevity and may they be faithful to each other as the lemon represents.

May pink tulips recall the need to care for and attach themselves to each other.

Let the lime perhaps as unseen and hidden as it may be, bring forth growth of character as they start a new life together. Marriage exposes our selfishness and all the things that were once hidden that now need to be addressed in our own lives. That almost forgotten aspect of growth is crucial and inevitable in healthy relationships.

As the pink rose symbolizes, may the couple be reminded to be grateful even when life seems lean and sparse as it often does from time to time.

May the lavender rose remind them how they fell in love at first sight and what it was that brought them together.

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-1-7The Objects 

Each silver object was owned by my husband’s Great-Grandmother, the letter is in my Grandmother’s handwriting, the blue ink bottle was a gift from my friend after I had hand-lettered her wedding invitations and the calligraphy pen was a gift from my husband while we were dating.

Each object has a story and a connection
which is what makes Wedding Vows so full of meaning for myself
and I believe those who will view it. 

See images of Wedding Vows from start to finish in the Painting Progression post.

Contact Rebecca for more information about Wedding Vows.

WeddingVows RebeccaFinch-8

Wedding Plans {Painting Progression}

Rebecca Finch Wedding PlansPresenting, my latest painting,
Wedding Plans {10×10 oil $575}

• See a detailed view of “Wedding Plans” on the website’s Painting page.

Read the “Wedding Plans” Fictionette here if you haven’t yet. {Fictionette: a short story written by Rebecca to accompany a painting}

Enjoy an image gallery below showing the progression of Wedding Plans from beginning to end.

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Wedding Plans {Fictionette}

Presenting, my latest painting, Wedding Plans {10×10 oil $575} Enjoy the new Wedding Plans Fictionette below.
{Fictionette: a short story written by Rebecca to accompany a painting}
• See a detailed view of “Wedding Plans” on the website’s Painting page.
• See an image gallery of the progression of “Wedding Plans” from start to finish on the blog tomorrow.


Wedding Plans ©Rebecca Finch

Wedding Plans {10×10 oil • $575}


Wedding Plans

by Rebecca Finch

Her thoughts swirled as she sat quietly working through the order of the wedding ceremony. A simple service with a sparse celebration afterward had been decided. A small cake reception would be followed by a short honeymoon in the next town over. But it would be perfect and the fanfare would resound in her own heart.

A set of strong hands came to rest on her shoulders. “Nance, do you have a few minutes? I … have something to show you.” Turning back, she met her beloved’s eyes. Caught in a dreamlike motion, she stood and followed him through the house.

Her hand firmly in his, Tom led her at an increasing speed down the street where a perfectly polished limousine waited. He nodded to the driver, “Thanks, Jack”.  “As always, sir.” Her heart raced as the driver opened the door for her to enter the luxurious vehicle. Tom held her tight with nervous excitement as they rode past the familiar overgrown neighborhood and then entered a seemingly forbidden city of unimaginable opulence. As they drove on, the properties grew in size and the mansions exceeded Nancy’s imagination.

The driver took a turn, leading them through a large, ornate gate. It was the entrance to a private property winding through a vast expanse of land, spotted here and there with exquisite courtyards, lush gardens, fountains, and extravagant vehicles. Finally they reached the mansion that had loomed in the distance since passing through the gate. Stepping out of the limousine, Nancy gazed at the ornate structure, stretching farther in every direction than she was able to see. Its height blocked the noon sun.

“Good day, sir.” A maid approached them in a flawlessly pressed uniform. “Shall I set up lunch in the sun room?”
“Yes, Tia, that would be perfect.”

Tom seemed to be familiar with everyone they had encountered. Nancy’s eyes begged him to explain.

While a quiet breeze swept around them, he drew her close with a smile.
“And now, I have something to tell you.”



Wedding Plans  can be seen at West End Gallery. Enjoy an opening Reception this Friday evening from 5:00-7:30pm.